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Our emotion soundtrack at work

Have you ever seen that video of a horse and rider galloping over a hill, first with upbeat and energetic music and then with ominous, gloomy music? Emotional Culture is the soundtrack to our workdays.

In recent work with a large nonprofit in Vermont, we discovered that significant workplace stress and anxiety had its source in disorganization. With that new understanding, the leadership has been able to start to address the main *causes* of stress rather than only treat the stress.

What do you hear?

The Genos International ECI was the tool we used to spot the problem beneath the symptoms. When you understand how your people are feeling, you can start to fully understand the problem. The ECI allows you to more easily hear where the differences in workplace experiences are. These are the different soundtracks that affect your teams’ workdays.

When you properly hear the soundtrack of your workplace, you can be effective in making decisions for training and development of your teams and workplace culture. There is nothing more frustrating for everyone than applying a solution for the wrong problem. For funsies, check out this short video about movie scene music.

Turn it up!

The Emotional Culture Index survey is like a loud speaker for that soundtrack, which often runs very quietly in the background. We measure 10 key emotions, linked in research to specific behaviors or effects in the workplace. For example, people who feel “valued” more often show higher levels of discretionary effort. Those who feel “mistreated” disengage (quiet quitting, folks) or damage the brand (loud quitting – for real, check it out).

Here’s the important part: these 10 emotions get measured in three ways. First, what people are currently experiencing. Second, what they think is fair and reasonable in your specific workplace. Third, what they’d ideally like to feel. The distance between current and fair, and fair and ideal are essentially the volume of the music. I have done a ton of these surveys – every single one offers an insight the organization has never had before.

Hey, let’s have a listen to your team!

You want to know what the next question you should be asking about your workplace culture is. So, Inner Citadel Consulting is proud to offer the Emotional Culture Index survey from Genos International FOR FREE before the end of 2024 to any nonprofit organization or business serving our communities in Vermont or New Hampshire. Let’s make 2024 the year when workplace wellness and productivity live together in your team!

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