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Very few things in life or business are straightforward, especially when it comes to human interaction. Inner Citadel Consulting specializes in helping individuals, teams, and organizations notice, engage, and empower emotional intelligence, workplace communication, and conflict resolution strategies in order to establish simple and healthy workplace behaviors. Use our and your emotional intelligence to create inclusive processes and facilitate dialogue on complex topics.

Emotionally intelligent Leadership and Teams

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Mindful Leadership

Inner Citadel Consulting offers Mindfulness and Mindful Leadership workshops, virtual retreats, and consultations for individuals, small businesses, and other organizations. Learn strategies for a mindful approach to work and life; fully engage with your potential; develop emotional intelligence competencies. Peter’s long practice in mindfulness is supplemented by modern research in leadership & mindfulness as well as the ancient understandings and practices of Stoicism.

“Waste no more time arguing about what a good person is. Become one.”

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